2021 North Carolina Pickle Festival Treasure Hunt

Find a hidden jar of Mt. Olive Pickles and win a prize!

A jar of Mt. Olive Pickles has been hidden OUTSIDE somewhere in the town of Mount Olive as a nod to the annual North Carolina Pickle Festival (which is virtual this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Read the clues, solve the riddles, visit the various locations you think the jar of pickles might be hidden and find the jar.

The jar will be labeled, “Congratulations, you are the winner of the 2021 North Carolina Pickle Festival Treasure Hunt”. Take the jar to the Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce (located at 123 N. Center Street, Mount Olive) to claim your prize. YOU MUST TURN IN THE PICKLE JAR TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE.

The prize includes North Carolina Pickle Festival t-shirt, hat, and Mt. Olive Pickle Pack.

Please note, the clues are listed in no order, pertain to things that would have happened at the 2021 NC Pickle Festival, and give a hint to the location of the jar of pickles. Do not worry, we will bring these special events listed and many more to next year’s North Carolina Pickle Festival scheduled for April 23, 2022.

Be sure to practice CDC Health recommendations and respect the property as you explore the town for the jar of pickles.

  1. You can put your money on it, the 35th annual North Carolina Pickle Festival would have jogged your memory into the past with the classic cars and vintage tractors show.
  2. You would have relished the free Steele County Express concert on Friday night in front of Ribeyes Steak House.
  3. Visitors would have gone to the corner of E. James & N. Center to watch the Mascot’s Race fearing Ollie Q. Cumber, Liberty Tax, Chick-Fil-A Cow, Mr. Pig, UMO Trojan, Hamburger, and many others.
  4. Lynn’s favorite festival activity, the UMO Artisan Village, would have featured paintings of flowers, trees, and pottery. The new 150th-anniversary mural will be located here soon. There is nothing better than the arts, especially in the South.
  5. Festival attendees would have taken helicopter rides. I am confident the view of Mount Olive would have been worth the investment.
  6. Lindsey had an interest in being a contestant in the live Pickle EAting contest so I will have to watch her compete in the virtual contest and see how many pickles she can eat.
  7. Julie, have you heard about the Got to Be NC Pavillion that is held at the festival? You could have tried BBQ sauces and watched the Fruit Ninja create designs into cucumbers and watermelons. You could have purchased products from the Cot to Be NC Pavillion and saved lots of money
  8. You could have taken the Pickle Trail and found lots of pickle foods…chips, popcorn, peanuts, snow cones, deep-fried and of course, Mt. Olive Pickles. DILLicious food to eat.
  9. You missed out on three stages of entertainment featuring bands and dance troupes. The bands would have gotten your interest so much that I bet you would have tapped your feet to the beat.
  10. Southerners love celebrating the North Carolina Pickle Festival. They park their cars, walk through the festival and enjoy the DILLightgul experiences. The 2021 festival will not occur this year, but I can bank on the fact that Southerners will be back in 2022.
  11. Carrie, you would have seen clowns, a Butterfly Garden, and the One-Man-Band at the festival. I bet you $100 that the One-Man-Band would have you singing along. 
  12. Sheila, I know you were looking forward to pedaling your bicycle in the Tour de Pickle and following the route established for the long-standing event. The weather in the South is always so nice so it would have made a great day for a bike ride.
  13. Shelly, you would have taken the free shuttle bus, rode the pickle train, had your picture taken in the pickle cutouts, and posted it on social media using #ncpicklefest. Social media promotion at the best, that makes sense.
  14. Kevin, you planned to ride a camel, put a large snake around your neck, and pet a llama. It is too bad that it will not happen this year. Save your money and come to the NCPF in 2022.
  15. Ken, did you know that the David John Aaron Historical Museum features a variety of artifacts? They have items that represent all 150 years of Mount Olive’s history. These artifacts are priceless. 
  16. Yvonne, the 2021 North Carolina Pickle Festival was scheduled to have performers singing melodies or even acapella and many of the performers were selling their CDs. The performers will be back in 2022 and you can sit on one of our many park benches and enjoy their music.
  17. Did you know that the Mt. Olive Pickle Company gives out thousands of free pickles at the North Carolina Pickle Festival? Their company is a BIG DILL and the best pickle company in the USA and world.
  18. The new Pickle Mural sponsored by Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Arts Council of Wayne Couty, and the Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce will be a nice addition to the festival footprint. It will be worth every penny we paid for this amazing artwork that promotes the arts and the role of agriculture in Mount Olive. 


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