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Pickle lovers, get ready: the North Carolina Pickle Festival returns to a live, in-person event for 2024! The festival kicks off Friday, April 26 from 5-10 pm, with the main day on Saturday, April 27 from 9 am to 6 pm in downtown Mount Olive.

Festival Info

Every year in April, Mount Olive the community and Mt. Olive the company come together to celebrate a mutually dill-lightful relationship. Pickles may be the theme, but community is what the festival is all about.

Cuke Patch 5K

One of the N.C. Pickle Festival’s enduring traditions is the Cuke Patch 5K. Help us make the 2024 edition one to remember.

Pickle Eating Contest

Easily the highlight of the North Carolina Pickle Festival, the Pickle Eating Contest features up to 14 people vying for the honor of Champ in male and female divisions.

Recipe Contest

We’ve all been spending way more time at home than normal, thanks to the COVID19 pandemic. That means we’ve been eating more. And THINKING about eating more. And for all of us pickle fans out there, we’ve been thinking about AND eating more PICKLES.