Celebrating Our Presenting Sponsors: Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Town of Mt. Olive and the University of Mt. Olive

2018 Mount Olive Pickle Festival
2018 Mount Olive Pickle Festival
2018 Mount Olive Pickle Festival
2018 Mount Olive Pickle Festival

With only a few months until the 33rd Annual North Carolina Pickle Festival, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of our presenting sponsors. These organizations play a huge hand in the success of the N.C. Pickle Festival year in and year out. It truly would not be possible to pull off this event without them and for that, we are very grateful for their support.

The first sponsor we would like to highlight is the Mt. Olive Pickle Company. It’s obliviously a natural fit that Mt. Olive Pickles is one of our presenting sponsors and truly an integral part of the Pickle Festival. With its original founding dating back to over 90 years ago, on the Corner of Cucumber and Vine right here in Mount Olive, they have positioned themselves as leaders in the pickle industry. The company began brining cucumbers and selling them to other pickling firms initially. Soon they became the organization we all know and love today.

While they may now be the #1 pickle brand in the United States, Mt. Olive Pickle Company still remembers their humble beginnings and small-town values. Since day one, they have been dedicated to supporting various causes, organizations, and individuals while being committed to their community. With their delicious pickles and unrivaled community spirit, Mt. Olive Pickle Company is truly a company that is inspiring. We are grateful and appreciative to have them as a presenting sponsor and their contributions to ensure the festival is a success each year. There would be no pickles, and therefore no pickle festival, without them. Thank you to Mt. Olive Pickle Company for your generosity and support.

Another presenting sponsor that provides remarkable backing and assistance to the festival each year is the University of Mount Olive. Previously named Mount Olive College, the University of Mount Olive is deeply rooted in the Mount Olive community right here in our town. Their reach is broad: their students hail from 77 North Carolina counties, 29 U.S. states, and 33 countries around the world.

The University of Mount Olive’s mission is “a Christian faith based, values-centered private institution rooted in the liberal arts tradition.” Core values of the university include honesty and trustworthiness, justice and courage, responsibility and gratitude, and caring and respect.

Their mission and values carry over into their involvement with us at the N.C. Pickle Festival. They offer their campus for shuttle parking and to stage the festival’s popular helicopter rides, and they assist us in general planning. They also present the Artisan Village each year, which features fine art crafted by local artisans. Guests of the festival can meet the artists, enjoy their paintings, pottery and glasswork, watch live demonstrations, and purchase artwork to bring home. They truly help make the festival a fun and enjoyable event each year.
Last but certainly not least, we would like to recognize the Town of Mount Olive. Increasing your town population from 4, 500 to over 40,000 overnight is no easy task! Each April, the Town of Mount Olive serves as the host to the North Carolina Pickle Festival. The annual event draws tens of thousands of guests to downtown Mount Olive.

Everyone on the town’s staff, their public works, fire and police departments, and other town members, all come together to prepare for the big event. They continue to work hard throughout the day to ensure everything goes well. Once the event wraps up, they sweep the streets and sidewalks leaving the town sparkling clean. Thank you, Town of Mount Olive, for hosting us and other pickle fanatics from near and far each year!

For more information about Mt. Olive Pickle Company, the University of Mount Olive, or the annual N.C. Pickle Festival, visit our website. If your company or organization is interested in sponsoring or getting involved with the festival, please email [email protected].