Thanking Our Sponsors: Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc.

Mt. Olive Pickle

As we prepare for the 31st annual North Carolina Pickle Festival this upcoming April, it only seems appropriate that we take a moment to acknowledge some of those who make the whole event possible. For a festival that is dedicated to celebrating pickles in the town of Mount Olive, North Carolina, it is only fitting that Mt. Olive Pickles is one of our presenting sponsors.

Mount Olive Pickle Company originally began over 90 years ago on the corner of Cucumber and Vine in Mount Olive, NC. The company was founded based on brining cucumbers to be sold to other pickling firms. As the company developed, it began processing and packing pickles itself and the rest is pretty much history.

Now, 90 years later, Mt. Olive Pickle Company is the #1 pickle brand in the U.S. From its very beginning, Mt. Olive Pickle Company has been dedicated to supporting others and committed to their community. Their pickles are simply the best, and coupled with their community spirit make choosing Mt. Olive Pickles for your recipes even better. The NC Pickle Festival is so grateful and appreciative to have them as a presenting sponsor and a huge role in the festival’s success year after year. Without them, there would be no pickles, which means there wouldn’t a festival. From bringing plenty of pickles for sampling, to ensuring there are enough pickles for the pickle eating competition, and much more, Mt. Olive Pickle Company is the driving force behind the NC Pickle Festival.

For more information about Mt. Olive Pickle Company and the annual NC Pickle Festival, visit If your company is interested in sponsoring, email [email protected].


  1. michael sawyer on February 13, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    looklng forward to this event. could we get a detailed list of activites, times and places of fun and games.