Thanking Our Sponsors: University of Mount Olive

University of Mount Olive Transforms Lives and Our Festival

University of Mount Olive Transforms Lives and Our Festival

The 32nd annual North Carolina Pickle Festival is only a couple of months away! With its arrival quickly approaching, we wanted to slow down from the rush of getting everything ready and thank another one of our awesome sponsors. This month, we are expressing our gratitude to the University of Mount Olive, one of our presenting sponsors.

The University of Mount Olive began as Mount Olive College (the name was officially changed on January 1, 2014) in 1951 when the state of North Carolina originally issued its charter. In 1958, the school received its state accreditation. The University of Mount Olive has deep roots in the Mount Olive community, but its reach extends far beyond with students from 77 counties in North Carolina, 29 states, and 33 foreign countries.

Despite offering over 40 majors and serving 4,307 enrolled students in the 2016-2017, the University of Mount Olive manages to maintain a 15:1 student to faculty ratio. The small class sizes and involved staff are contributing factors in making this institution successful in the task of educating future leaders. The school received a Top 20 Ranking in the 2018 US News & World Report for Regional Colleges.

The mission of the University of Mount Olive is “a Christian-faith based, values-centered private institution rooted in the liberal arts tradition.” Core values of the University of Mount Olive are honesty and trustworthiness, justice and courage, responsibility and gratitude, and caring and respect.

The University of Mount Olive is very community minded and the values, mission, and everyday practices of the college play an important role in this. With such established history in Mount Olive, UMO is involved with many local events, businesses, groups, and charities. As a presenting sponsor of the NC Pickle Festival year after year, we are grateful for their continued support and involvement. This institution truly helps make the event a success year after year.

For more information about the University of Mount Olive and the annual NC Pickle Festival, visit If your company is interested in sponsoring, email [email protected].