The NC Pickle Festival and Make A Difference Food Pantry Fight Hunger in North Carolina

Pickles may be the theme, but community is what the NC Pickle Festival is all about.

We’re excited to come together and work with the Make A Difference Food Pantry in this year’s Drive-In Movie event! In place of an entry fee, we’re asking that our pickle lovers donate 5 canned goods per person to the Make A Difference Food Pantry. We know you’re just as excited as we are for the pickle fun to begin! In the meantime, read on to learn more about one of our amazing partners.

Kenzie Hinson, Make A Difference Food Pantry

Since 2015, Kenzie Hinson has operated the Make A Difference Food Pantry to fight hunger in North Carolina. Over the years, MAD Pantry has served over 4.1 million meals and distributed over 6.8 million pounds of food! Kenzie has attended the National Anti-Hunger Conference Policy Conference, visited with FEMA Administrator Brock Long to discuss the role of youth in disaster preparedness, and has met with Senator Richard Burr, Senator Thom Tillis, and Representative David Rouser to identify ways to address hunger in North Carolina, especially amongst children.

The Make A Difference Food Pantry has also worked with citizens across Wayne County to collect food and toiletry donations for Hurricane Harvey disaster survivors. Kenzie operates the food pantry with support from her parents and volunteers, as well as generous donations from individuals and organizations. As Kenzie herself has said, “We are stopping hunger one meal, one family at a time by providing nutritious food to those in need with compassion and love – because it’s more than just food; it’s about how you make people feel!”

We’re so excited to partner with the Make A Difference Food Pantry to stop hunger in North Carolina! With your help, we can make a positive impact on our community. Click here to learn more about the amazing work Kenzie and the Make A Difference Food Pantry are doing. Stock up on your canned goods, and we’ll see you on Friday, April 23rd!

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