Where are the Pickles?

And other pertinent pointers pertaining to pickles at the
North Carolina Pickle Festival

It may sound like a silly question, but honest to goodness we encounter festival goers after the fact who just couldn’t find the free Mt. Olive Pickles. Now that just breaks our hearts.

So this year, we’ve made it easy for everyone to find the pickles, the pickle foods, and the fun pickle-related things to see and do.

We created a Pickle Trail, and we put it all on a map. Download it for print here.

In case you are wondering, you can test yourself to see how fast you can pack pickles at the Pickle Packing Production Challenge, guess how many pickles are in a 2.5 gallon jar, and race your very own pickling cucumber down the pickle derby track.

You can catch the brand new Pickle Eating Contest at high noon, view the Student Pickle Art, and get the day’s clues for the Pickle Treasure Hunt so you can be the first to find Ollie in a Pickle Jar for a prize.

But best of all, you get to EAT free Mt. Olive pickles, and try pickle snow cones, pickle popcorn, fried pickles, and even pickle lemonade. You can pick up a can of The Peanut Roaster’s Dill Pickle Flavored Peanuts at the N.C. Pickle Festival Information Booth, as well as a bag of Carolina Kettle Dill Pickle Potato Chips. Did we say eat free pickles?!

We have so much pickle stuff going on, we just don’t want anyone to miss a thing.

If you want the map on your phone, click here to access the Pickle Festival app. Yep, we have one of those too. Look for the cute little pickle icons.

Have a dill-lightful day at the N.C. Pickle Festival. It’s Saturday, April 29 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Go ahead. Put it on your calendar.